Elevating the living room experience with cloud-native TV gaming

Turn your TV into a party console 

Return Entertainment develops cloud-native technology and games for the next wave of mass entertainment – SmartTV cloud gaming. Designed for mainstream consumers, the players can enjoy big screen playtime by using their mobile phones as controllers. 

With us, TV manufacturers and streaming services can take the leap into gaming with zero hassle. Our games are latency friendly, require no additional devices and make cloud gaming effortless and easy to access for massive audiences.

Instant bite-sized AAA games

Return Entertainment creates instant and easy to access cloud-native games without compromising the high fidelity gaming experience.

The mainstream audience wants easy, fast and fun games, but with quality to match their premium movie and TV experience.

Mobile as a controller

No need for external controllers.

Just scan a QR code on the TV screen and join the fun. Return’s adaptive controls work on any mobile device, no downloads needed. 

Each player has their own personal second screen which allows unique content per player.  

Multi-screen gaming extends the experience beyond the TV screen and allows innovative new game concepts.

This hidden information means richer content for games like card games, board games, social deduction games and many more!

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Join the adventure!

Are you looking to rewire your brain? Want to make a lasting impact in the gaming industry, define the paths others will follow?

Come do things others can’t and go places they don’t even know exist.


Return Entertainment Appoints Vesa Jutila as CEO and Announces an Investment by Samsung Next

Return Entertainment Appoints Vesa Jutila as CEO and Announces an Investment by Samsung Next

Since our inception in 2019, Return Entertainment has been on a mission to reinvent gaming with cloud-native technology.  To accelerate the company’s path forward and bring more experience to the team, Vesa Jutila has been appointed as CEO. The cloud-gaming veteran brings significant commercial and industry experience to build up the company’s position in the […]

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