Bringing down the boundaries of gaming

Veterans for the future of gaming

Return Entertainment was founded to bring on the next tech revolution that will tear down the barriers limiting gamers everywhere – and create the ground-breaking games that usher in the change.

Downloads and installs are so passé. We want our games to be instant, shareable and truly inclusive – easy, fast and fun on any device.

Think of us as the Indiana Jones of cloud gaming: we do the credible, researchy stuff and then put on a cool hat and see which rules we get to break this time while discovering things in action. To us cloud gaming is like the Ark of the Covenant. Once we unlock its mysteries, we hold in our hands an unstoppable power.

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Are you looking to rewire your brain? Want to make a lasting impact in the gaming industry, define the paths others will follow?

Come do things others can’t and go places they don’t even know exist.